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Offering one of the most affordable and no-fuss getaways, M/V Aegean Paradise cruise strives to provide the best on-board entertainment for an unforgettable cruise experience. With leisure amenities ranging from luxurious cabins, casino games, performance show lounge, karaoke lounge, massage and spa, drinking bar, top-deck swimming pool and game arcade, we promise a fun-filled day lined up with activities and relaxation for all ages.

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Looking for the perfect weekend getaway yet tired of the usual destinations in your city?

If the answer is yes, then how about going for an Aegean Paradise Cruise in Singapore? Try the one-day cruise and experience this amazing adventure.

Why You Need to Experience the Aegean Paradise Cruise?

They say that at least once in your life, you have to try cruising. But if you aren’t ready for a long cruise which can last for days or weeks, we recommend Aegean Paradise from Singapore. This is the perfect choice if you want to test the waters and see if cruising is something you can do long term.

Aegean Paradise Cruise is your ultimate short getaway from Singapore. It’s the best cruise to nowhere!

Spend your weekend or one day cruising either on your own, with family, or with friends. Regardless of your choice, we are certain that you would enjoy given the ship’s superb amenities and friendly staff. 

Below are other reasons why we highly recommend the Aegean Paradise Cruise 

Get treated like a royalty

At Aegean Paradise Cruise, feel like royalty even just for a day. Imagine just lounging, sipping your favorite cocktails, and just enjoying the time away from the city. This is something that you need and something you definitely deserve.

It’s for everyone!

Aegean Paradise Cruise is made for everyone. There are a lot of activities that your kids and even your grandparents will love. It can be the perfect place to bond with them.

And let’s not forget about your colleagues. At Aegean Paradise Cruise, you can also conduct your company events. Everything you need is practically in here.

The food is divine                                                         

And who doesn’t enjoy good food? At Aegean Paradise Cruise, the food choices are just mouth-watering. Satisfy your cravings with their wide food selection.  


Where to get your Aegean Paradise Cruise tickets?

New Century Tours is the best place to get your tickets for Aegean Paradise Cruise. With our experience and expertise, we are able to provide outstanding quality service. We ensure that our transactions are smooth-sailing. After all, we want all our passengers to experience a vacation they will never forget.

News / Annoucement



Aegean Paradise will call Harbour Front Centre
on 10th April at 7:30 am and
set sail to Pengilih at 8pm

Ticket counters at HFC will open from 5 pm to 7 pm.
Embarkation starts from 6 pm to 7 pm.

Please contact Tanah Merah counter at
62142822 for more information.

Thank you for your attention.
The Management


Overview of your Aegean Paradise Journey:

Do you want to know how you can reach Aegean Paradise Cruise? See detailed information below.

From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

  • Collect your boarding pass from New Century Tours Counter. You may do so 1 hour before your scheduled departure.
  • Make sure that all the details in your boarding pass are correct.

In about 45 minutes, you will reach Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.  

  • You will be required to hand over your TRANSIT PASS to the designated traffic controller.
  • Proceed to the transit ferry.

You will sail for around 15 minutes and reach the Aegean Paradise.

Aegean Paradise Cruise

WELCOME to M/V Aegean Paradise!

  • Prepare and hand over your passport and boarding pass to the embarkation center.
  • You will receive a section of your boarding pass. This is needed for cabin check-in.
  • You may purchase your cabin at Deck 2’s reception counter.

Additional notes:

Check out time is 12PM the following day. You may check out at 5PM by paying an additional fee. The charge is 50% of your cabin price. You need to leave the cruise by 245PM to avoid an extension fee of $20. We suggest to book your return ferry as early as you can. You may do so at Deck 2’s ferry counter.

The Aegean Paradise Cruise is the most ideal quick vacation from Singapore. It’s cost-efficient, yet you get the luxurious experience from a cruise. Book your ticket now and enjoy quality time with your families, friends, and even colleagues.


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Many Customers

Jenny Tan

Aegean Paradise is a budget friendly cruise for a retiree like me. I visit the cruise regularly to enjoy the facilities, buffet food and live show!

Alan Lee

Booking with New Century tours is easy, and fuss free. Good service by the staff at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal counter, and the staff on board the cruise!

Tan Mei Hua

I enjoy Aegean Paradise cruise because it is very affordable and it is a place where I meet many new friends.


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